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How To Use My AI Marketing Tech To Get More Appointments & Customers Fast

AI Rockstar Brand Automation

Ai Intelligent Follow Up
"Experience the future of client engagement with AI Intelligent Follow-Up. Seamlessly nurture leads, personalize interactions, and boost conversions through smart automation, transforming prospects into loyal customers."
AI Chat App Setters
"Elevate customer engagement with AI Chatbot Appointment Setters. Streamline scheduling, provide instant assistance, and enhance user experiences, ensuring seamless connections and efficient appointment bookings for your business."
AI CRM Deep Learning
"Unleash AI Deep CRM Learning for unparalleled customer insights. Elevate relationships with personalized interactions, predictive analytics, and data-driven strategies, optimizing engagement and driving lasting business growth."
AI Funnel Conversions 
"Maximize your ROI with AI Funnel Conversions. Harness data-driven insights, optimize user journeys, and enhance sales funnels, resulting in higher conversions and a stronger bottom line for your business."
AI Brand Building
"Elevate your brand's impact through AI Brand Building. Harness data-driven strategies, automate personalized experiences, and cultivate a distinct identity, creating lasting connections and driving remarkable growth in the digital age."
AI Social Media Ads
"Transform your advertising with AI Social Media Ads. Optimize targeting, content, and engagement using data-driven insights, unlocking unparalleled reach, relevance, and ROI in the competitive social landscape."
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Are We Even A Good Fit To Work Together?   ...Maybe Not, Just say'n!

Hey there,
So glad we're connecting! So a small bit about me and my journey  that brought me here today... It all started In the late 1990s to the early 2000'ish, as a window replacement business owner. Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit from youth, I dabbled in various home-based ventures. My true initiation, however, was delving into local SEO to secure new customers and avert the feast-or-famine cycle that may contractors face.

Back in those days, the Internet was still in its infancy. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes hadn't graced the digital realm yet. Today's WordPress and other site builders were non-existent, forcing us to harness ingenuity to draw visitors to our homemade websites and make sales.

Armed with basic HTML and a dash of creativity, along with the aid of Craigslist,
I harnessed a windfall of customers. This knack transformed me into a hardcore entrepreneur. My success led others to seek my assistance, setting off a chain reaction you can probably anticipate. Suffice it to say, the window business faded away, and the birth of "NetRockstar" was sealed.

I wanted to share a bit about how I've been helping folks like you with their marketing journey. Back in the day, I used to charge around 2k to 5k when I first started assisting people online with their marketing needs. It was an exciting ride, and I quickly learned a couple of valuable lessons.

You know, the folks I worked with who had a realistic perspective on business growth and its associated costs—they were the ones who truly saw the value in what I had to offer. On the flip side, those with a smaller budget often expected everything for free, and
some struggled to manage the surge in business I was sending their way.

That's when it hit me—those who were ready to invest more tended to be the ones who embraced the journey, understood the resources needed, and were committed to building something amazing.
Fast forward 14 years, and I can tell you with confidence that this still holds true today, even more so. Building a brand that stands out requires the right tools, strategies, and a touch of manpower. That's where the 10k figure comes in. It's a starting point for those who are genuinely serious about elevating their brand and business with me. The beauty of having a more substantial budget is that it enables us to supercharge your ROI through the power of advanced tools and strategies. 

Now, if you come across a price that might be a bit unexpected or beyond your current reach, no worries at all. It's all about finding the right fit. If the numbers align with your vision, awesome!
We're set to embark on an exciting journey together. But if not, that's perfectly okay too. There's a marketing magician out there who matches your budget, and they'll help you move forward.
If you're ready to see your business flourish, let's chat. Remember, building something remarkable takes time and investment, but the rewards are absolutely worth it.
I'm absolutely confident that together, we can chart a path to where you want to be.
Looking forward to connecting further,

Yours Truly
Mark Sanom

So This Is Where My Digital Asset Journey Started...

Around 2009, I shifted my focus towards connecting with fellow kindred spirits pursuing similar paths. Often feeling like a lone wolf, that perception changed one day while I was enjoying the "every day's a vacation" lifestyle in my 40-foot motorhome, my designated Rockstar headquarters satellite office in Campland on the bay in San Diego. It was then that a seminar captured my attention.

This event was hosted by Mike Koenigs, a prominent figure in the La Jolla realm, sharing the stage with renowned names like Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins. The three-day seminar, conveniently situated across Mission Bay from my stay, became the turning point. I knew I had finally discovered my tribe amidst these talented marketers. The rest, as they say, is history.

Do You Really Want To Work With Me? 

"Million-dollar results don't stem from skimpy budgets and get-rich-quick schemes. They emerge through hard work, dedication, consistent effort, expertise, skilled labor, and cutting-edge tools. Anything less is wishful thinking—you'd be wiser saving for a dreamy vacation on a beach. But for those committed to online dominance, automation, and omnipresence using cutting-edge tech for greatness, you might be ripe for our assistance. Begin with a free strategy call to see how it all aligns."

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Other Folks That Grew Their Company's

"For over 17 years now, we have been helping businesses grow with the latest technologies and marketing strategies available, and here is what a few of them have to say."
Real Estate
"Thanks to Mark's expertise, my real estate brand soared. His marketing prowess is unmatched, driving incredible growth. A game-changer for my business!" 
Window Replacement Co.
"Unbelievable growth! Mark's AI platform pinpointed our target audience. We expanded rapidly, becoming a go-to name. His strategies made all the difference."
Restaurant Owners 
Mark's strategies transformed our eatery! AI-powered campaigns boosted foot traffic, rave reviews, and loyalty. Our tables are bustling, all thanks to his marketing magic."


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